Feni Presentation

FENI Industries is a pyro-metallurgical ferronickel producing plant, located in Kavadarci, Macedonia.

Historically, FENI initiated its operation in 1982 but it is in the last decade, after becoming a member of Cunico Resources group that FENI accomplished full growth and development.

With 849 direct employees, today FENI is one of the leading companies in the country with respect to investments, exports, employment and environment. The FENI Industries plant is a two-line, rotary kiln electric furnace facility with the biggest rectangular electric furnaces of their kind in the world.

At the time of its acquisition, only one of FENI Industries’ two lines was operational and annual nickel production was approximately 5,000 tons. Following technical additions and capital investment by the group, the plant is now fully operational, with both lines running simultaneously. As a result, production at the Feni Industries plant is steadily increasing to 20,000 tons per year.


 On each line, the plant operates a rotary dryer that feeds into a rotary kiln where the nickel ore is dried and reduced and then fed into an electric furnace for complete reduction into a molten nickel/iron alloy. The nickel/iron alloy is then placed into an oxygen converter and blown with oxygen to reduce the iron content, thereby increasing the nickel content. The ferronickel is then transported to a Holding furnace where the temperature is raised to cast the metal, in form of granules.


The core product of FENI is nickel metal in the form of ferronickel, which is an alloy with approx. 20% nickel content and 80% iron content, produced by smelting and refining various nickel ores containing 0.9% to 2.2% nickel and 15% to 40% iron. Since ferronickel is a primary raw material for stainless steel production, it is exported to the steel plants around the world (Europe, Asia and America).


Aside from ferronickel as a core product, slag is also generated in FENI Industries as a residual from the ore processing technology in use. The slag is a by - product that is generated simultaneously with ferronickel. Two types of slag are generated in FENI: slag from electro - furnaces and slag from convertors.