In 2015 FENI Industries was operated according to the implemented Environmental Management System that is consistent with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004. One of the main efforts of the company remains the decrease of the environmental impact, which is a result of the plants daily activities.

Special care is continually vested in the improvement of air quality, reducing emissions to water, saving water resources and saving energy with special emphasis on energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency and energy savings are vital for environment protection. They represent the most effective way to achieve energy sustainable future.

With using of the alternative fuels, as biomass, we are making preserving and saving fossil fuels for future generations. In 2015 FENI Industries maximize the use of biomass as an alternative and environmentally-friendly fuel substituting the lignite.

Results from the Installed system for continuous monitoring of ambient air in the vicinity of FENI Industries shows that in recent years there has been significant progress in the reduction of emissions of particulate matter in the air.

Monitoring air emission

Substitution lignite with biomass

Monitoring of ambient air